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The Fun Fish Idea



Picture Books

How Fun Fish Began

Fun Fish Dream

If every child had an opportunity to learn Bible stories in a fun and multi-sensory way, they could grow deeper emotionally, spiritually, and socially. Fun Fish provides tried and tested materials that can be used in primary schools, church toddler groups, Sunday schools, and at home.

A Surprise Visit

One day Fun Fish was holding a children’s event in a primary school, the very day it was being inspected by OFSTED. What a surprise when Fun Fish was assessed as well. They passed with flying colours!

Fun Fish Beginnings

Fun Fish began in 2008 when a primary school asked Eva Leaf to run their RE Assemblies. She gladly accepted and gathered a team from her local church. Eva (far right) has a degree in Religious Education and has developed a number of topical series that link education with the Bible.