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Contents for “Finding Treasure”


1. Finding Courage – David and Goliath

2. Finding Good Words – David and Saul

3. Finding Good Friends – David and Jonathan

4. Finding Forgiveness – REMEMBRANCE DAY          

5.Finding Compassion – David Spares Saul’s Life

6. Finding Peace –Abigail Stops David

7. Who is the Wise Man?  CHRISTMAS

8. Finding the Truth – Daniel in the Lion’s Den

9. Finding Diligence – Parable of Two Sons

10. Finding Generosity – The Widow’s Mite

11. Finding Honesty – The Rich Thief

12. Finding Work – Parable of Workers in the Vineyard

13. Finding Love – EASTER

14. Finding Talents – Parable of Lazy Servant

15. Finding Kindness – The Good Samaritan

16. Finding Acceptance - The Woman at the Well

17. Finding Mercy - The Unmerciful Servant

18. Finding Hope - Mary's Perfume


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