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DECISIONS! DECISIONS! assemblies plans




How to Make Great Choices - Ages 8 - 11

The Ten Commandments

Contents for “Decisions!  Decisions!”


1: GOD IS GOD- A Pile of Red Sea

2: Planting Hope in Hearts  - HARVEST

3: TAKE A DAY OFF – What is it?

4: RESPECT LIFE – Angry Faces!

5: RESPECT PARENTS-  Jethro Gives Advice

6: LOVE GOD ONLY- Yellow Calf

7: DON’T BE GREEDY– Brown Birds for Dinner

8: What Do You Want to Be?  - CHRISTMAS

9: RESPECT GOD’S NAME– Black Clouds and Fire

10: RESPECT MARRIAGE - Marrying a Stranger

11: Don't Lie - Korah Rebels

12: DON’T STEAL– We Promise to Pay

13: RESPECT MARRIAGE – The Wedding at Cana Theme 14: Forgive Everyone – EASTER

15: RESPECT GOD’S NAME- Jesus Cleans Temple

16: RESPECT LIFE- Lazarus Wakes Up

17: GOD IS GOD - Plank in the Eye

18: DON’T BE GREEDY- Pharisee and Tax Man