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Respecting Ourselves and Others - Ages 8 - 11     

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Contents for “Be the Best”


Theme 1: Coping with Bullies

Theme 2: Controlling Anger

Theme 3: Caring for Others (Harvest)

Theme 4: Following Instructions

Theme 5: Listening to Good Advice

Theme 6: Helping Those Who Need Help

Theme 7: Saying Sorry

Theme 8: Making Good Choices (Christmas)

Theme 9: Asking for Help

Theme 10: Working Cheerfully

Theme 11: Eating What is Good

Theme 12: Respecting People

Theme 13: Standing Up for Right

Theme 14: Living with Surprises (Easter)

Theme 15: Not Giving Up

Theme 16: Giving Others a Chance

Theme 17: Being Prepared

Theme 18: Making Plans